I'm a Phd candidate of computer science in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington. At IUB, my interests lie in information retrievel, statistical learning and complex systems. I recently join in Networks & agents Network group, and luckily study under the supervising of Fillipo Menczer. And I am also working with David Crandall and Norman Su.

Before IUB, I got my B.E. in Jiangnan University and worked in geometry reconstruction with professor Yi Lin. You may find more about my professional experience at Linkedin...

Ongoing Projects

Great Minds Think Alike is a mobile game with the purpose of semantic data collection. We intend to build a free source of giant semantic data base by this game. The users of the game will build the semantic web unaware. I am responsible to develop the game.

Web Evolvments is a tool to detect the design periods of a website in its history, using computer vision algorithms. We hope this tool can help HCI researchers to study the web design patterns and design genre changes.


I am an animation fan. Actually, I studied in digital media in my college, and learnt a lot about animation(model, storyboard, film and etc.).

I spent most of my vacations into traveling. I plan to upload my photographs to Instagram gradually.